Hero Wires and Cables

Hero Wires and Cables(HWC) is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Super Enamelled Copper Winding Wires, Submersible Copper Winding Wires, Submersible Flat Cables, Bare Copper Wires and other Copper products under the Brand name of ‘Polyhero’.

The promoters with over 25 years of experience in trade of metals in the Industry and with med advice their drive for excellence, have succeeded in establishing HWC as a работа в москве reliable source for supplying copper and other metal products in India.

Hero Wires and Cables has made its presence and positioned itself as the manufacturer of finest quality of Copper Wires in the Industry.

We endeavors to raise the bar ceaselessly, always complying the industry standards. Our philosophy guides us in a manner where dealing in best quality products is the foremost objective.

Sticking by our motto, we enable our clients to enhance their efficiency and performance via our cost effectiveness and adherence to delivery schedules. We cater to the needs of a diversified range of customers spread throughout the globe.

Our procurement is from the suppliers all over the globe. We believe in coordinated growth and wish to relentlessly grow as a company along with our clients.

HWC is continuously strengthening its global presence by creating, developing and nurturing transparent alliances. We share strong and value-based relationships with both our business partners and clients alike with best ethical practices. With complete client satisfaction as our primary objective, we are incessant in our efforts to provide only the acme of quality via a stringent quality control processes anything less would be a sacrilege.

Renowned for our pioneering a pro-active approach towards business development, we believe in aggressive pursuit of market expansion so that we can spread our wings and take never before achievable flight.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing plant on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor in M.P. We also carry out distribution from our warehouses in Ahmedabad and Indore.

We are continuously increasing our product offering and production capacity that will enable us to achieve our goals.


The Management of our company lies in the hand of our competent, experienced and highly qualified Managing Director Mr. Rajdeep Porwal. The Company Hero Wires and Cables established by Mr. Rajdeep Porwal have done Bachelor of Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore and have work experience of 3 years in MNC. He is highly educated in the areas of Engineering and International Trade. He has joined 25 years old family business of manufacturing of Copper Wires, and comes from a widely experienced background of 10 years in the Copper Wires manufacturing industry.


Copper is a lustrous, reddish brown metal. Its specific gravity is 8.93 and melting as well as boiling point are 1083 degrees centigrade and 2360 degrees centigrade respectively. Copper is remarkably conductive both thermally and electrically. Highly malleable and ductile, its uses are versatile.

Sectoral uses of Copper

  • Wire and bus bars for power transmission.
  • Copper wires, electromagnets, Electrical machines as motors, generators and transformers, electric boards, printed circuits, computers.
  • Alloy making, brass, household utensils and Pipes
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning equipments and many other products.